Games for Change Vision

Digital games are widely used and played to address pressing issues while producing sustainable and positive impact on our society.

Games for Change Mission

We bring together organisations and individuals from the social impact sector, government, business, media, academia, the gaming industry and the arts to grow the field, incubate new ideas and provide an open platform for the exchange of ideas and resources.

Computer and video games are being embraced by leading corporations, foundations, non-profits, universities and government agencies to further their own public interest, educational and philanthropic goals.

Our Work

Computer and video games are now being used as the key medium to promote positive social outcomes in the fields of health, wellness, education, sustainability, community development and civic participation.

Working for positive transformation

  • Play
    Curating and showcasing the best games in their field
  • Learn
    Providing a central repository of expertise and resources
  • Make
    Incubating, advising and executive producing games
  • Connect
    Connecting people through festivals, summits and events

How we build communities and generate leads

  • Conferences and workshops
  • International project collaborations
  • Publishing
  • Training
  • Research
  • Media coverage
  • Local membership base