The Games for Change ANZ 2012 festival will also feature the highly interactive and inspiring Games Arcade curated by Chad Toprak of RMIT’s Exertion Games Lab, showcasing over twenty playful, moving and inspiring games from national and international game makers.

Entry to the Games Arcade is is complimentary for attendees.
As a service to the community, we are offering a limited amount of FREE tickets for Guided Tours of the Games Arcade, 30 on each conference day, on a first come first serve basis. Register here:

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Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now (B.U.T.T.O.N.) (2010)
Copenhagen Game Collective

Race to your controller through physical space, and do whatever it takes … more

Bad Trip

Bad Trip (2011)
KWAN Tsz-wai, Alan

Bad Trip is an experimental videogame that enables people to navigate the creator’s mind.
Since November 2011, … more


Bloop (2012)
Rusty Moyher

Bloop is a fast, frantic touch game for iPad designed by Rusty Moyher. Two, three, or four players compete … more

Bubble Popper

Bubble Popper (2011) 
Chad Toprak, Joshua Platt, Floyd Mueller

Bubble Popper combines the magic of popping bubbles in a merged physical-virtual space. The … more


Elements (2010)
Jonathan Duckworth, Peter H. Wilson, Ross Eldridge, Nick Mumford, Patrick Thomas, David Shum

Elements is an interactive tabletop art game that … more


elude (2010)
Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

Life is a never-ending struggle, full of rising and falling moods. Elude mirrors this struggle against the … more

Hanging off a Bar

Hanging Of A Bar (2011)
Floyd Mueller, Chad Toprak, Eberhard Graether, Wouter Walmink

Hanging off a Bar is an exertion game that transforms … more


Harpooned (2009)
Conor O’Kane

Harpooned is a free game for Windows and Mac. It is a Cetacean Research Simulator, where you play the … more


Joggobot (2011)
Eberhard Graether, Floyd Mueller 

We use Joggobot to ask the question how (and if) robots should support us when exercising. As … more

Johann Sebastian Joust

Johann Sebastian Joust (2011)
Die Gute Fabrik 

Johann Sebastian Joust is a no-graphics, digitally-enabled playground game for 2 to 7 players, designed for … more

Knowledge Quest

Knowledge Quest (2012)
Jacaranda and Media Saints

 Knowledge Quest brings together the worlds of education and gaming as a fun way to master … more

LEGO Poetry

LEGO Poetry (2010)
Daniel Donahoo

LEGO Poetry was a creative concept developed and executed by Project Synthesis as a creative way to engage … more

Lemon Jousting

Lemon Jousting
Folk Game

Lemon jousting is a crazy little game that involved wooden spoons, lemons and a sense of fun.  In it … more

Level Up

Level Up (2012)
Sayraphim Lothian

Level Up is a playful installation piece which sees that quintessential game item – the coin – bought … more


LumaHelm (2012)
Wouter Walmink, Alan Chatham, Floyd Mueller

 We wear helmets to protect us from injury, but how much more can they do … more

Musical Embrace

Musical Embrace (2012)
Amy Huggard, Anushka De Mel, Jayden Garner, Chad Toprak, Alan Chatham, Floyd Mueller

Musical Embrace is a novel digital game … more


Folk game 

Ninja is a theatrical turn-based combat party game. Players begin in a circle, standing at arms-length, and then take turns … more


REXplorer (2007)
Steffen P Walz & Rafael Ballagas

REXplorer was a pioneering urban interactive mobile adventure game for tourists; tourists control the game … more

Sword Ninja

Sword Ninja
Folk Game

Sword Ninja is an adaptation of the game Ninja, wherein players are provided with foam swords and encouraged … more

Trouble Tower

Trouble Tower (2011)
Stefan Greuter 

Trouble Tower is an innovative game that enables students to experiment with workplace hazards without experiencing the physical … more

Turtle Wushu

Turtle Wushu (2012)
Invisible Playground

A super simple real-time Ninja-Joust-style dancing-fighting game played with teeny tiny turtles from China. The turtle rests on … more

Whack A Bone

Whack A Bone (2012)
Media Saints

Whack A Bone is a highly engaging educational game used to teach the foundations of the human … more


Wildfire ( 2010) 
By Implication

Wildfire is a game about saving the world. Through volunteerism, social interaction, and nonviolent activism, players will explore … more


Xdigit (2012)
Elwin Lee, Xiyuan Liu, Xun Zhang

Xdigit is a challenging, fun and interactive space themed math Kinect-game for children, where the … more