Your festival experience and learning outcomes will be enhances with a range of engaging experiential activities

Delegates will be encouraged to participate in a range of conference activities such as meeting attendees, checking out our game and software demonstrations areas, and posting ideas and comments in our conference game “City Challenge Quest”.

The City of Melbourne will post six key City Challenges to delegates of the Games for Change Festival so they can use the inspiration gained during the festival to help solve these city challenges. The City of Melbourne will use the outcomes of participant contributions to help shape strategic decision making in the City.

The full range of experiential activities will encourage you to:

  • Interact with the content provided by speakers and game demonstrations
  • Network and connect with your fellow delegates
  • Participate in mini games and playful activities
  • Solve City Challenges in real time

If you opt in to play, delegates will be using our gamified web app using these tailored game mechanics:

  • Personalisation: Shape your attendee profile to share and connect with other delegates
  • Socialisation: Connect with other delegates in the areas that you have identified of interest to your business
  • Achievement: Earn points and recognition by participating in various conference activities and meeting attendees
  • Sharing & Meaning: Post ideas, build on ideas and add comments in our City Challenge Quest
  • Randomness & Luck: Win prizes for your active participation.

Our aim is to embody the game experience within the format of our festival, so you can quickly pick up and apply new ideas as soon as you get back to work.