Steffen P. Walz

Chair and Co-Lead Curator , Games for Change, Australia-New Zealand

Steffen is a Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University as well as … more

Marigo Raftopoulos

Executive Producer and Co-Lead Curator , Games for Change, Australia-New Zealand

Marigo has been working as a management consultant to industry and government … more

Dan Donahoo

Director, Project Synthesis

Daniel Donahoo is the Director of ideas consultancy Project Synthesis. He creates and designs playful projects with communities and organisations. … more

Chad Toprak

Curator, Games Arcade

Chad is a games designer and researcher from the Exertion Games Lab at RMIT University. He holds a Bachelor of … more

Floyd Mueller

Curator, Games for fitness and health, Exertion Games Lab, RMIT

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller directs the Exertion Games Lab ( at RMIT University in … more

Adrian Camm

Curriculum Innovation, Quantum Victoria

Adrian Camm is a gamer, educator and speaker who explores the intersection of culture, learning and design. His current … more

Daniel von Seld


Daniel is a freelance researcher at the GEElab and has been with the lab from its early beginnings. He has a Diploma … more

Bianca Vallentine

Bianca Vallentine is a freelance event manager working with Games for Change Australia & New Zealand.

With a keen interest in design she … more

Lauren S. Ferro

Game and Graphic Designer
Lauren’s background is in video games, graphic design and multimedia.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts in games and … more

Anushka De Mel

Anushka is a Melbourne based artist who encompasses a background in concept art and game design; with a strong interest in the field … more