Founded in New York, USA in 2004, Games for Change International facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts. Unlike the commercial gaming industry, we aim to leverage entertainment and engagement for social good. To further grow the field, Games for Change convenes multiple stakeholders, highlights best practices, incubates games, and helps create and direct investment into new projects.

Games for Change Australia & New Zealand, at RMIT University, was created in June 2012 to advance the cause in our region.

2013 Panel Discussion

This year, Games for Change Australia & New Zealand will present a panel discussion during Melbourne Knowledge Week (28 Oct – 4 Nov 2013).

Instead of hosting a festival, the panel discussion is your opportunity to have a say about the value of serious games and social good in an Australian and New Zealand climate.

Curators Steffen Walz and Marigo Raftopulos will lead the panel discussion with guest speakers from the social and games sector.

Key Speakers include:

With more speakers to be announced, come listen, interact and have your say.

Date: Thursday 31 October 2013
Venue: RMIT Design Hub
Time: 6 – 8pm

*Event includes drinks and snacks 

Reserve your seat online.


2012 Festival

In November 2012, the inaugural Australia and New Zealand Games for Change event was hosted at the RMIT Design Hub in the City of Melbourne. The annual two-day conference and games arcade attracted high profile international keynote speakers, local practitioners and some of the most interesting games developers from around the globe.

The 2012 Games for Change Curators invited a range of industry professionals to spark conversations, demonstrate their specialisation and instigate the question – how can digital games create social change?

To watch the 2012 presentations simply follow the link to the speaker.


Inspiring change through games

Games for focuses on the power of digital games to address key social issues such as health, education and sustainability in order to produce a positive impact on our society. Games for Change is an international not-for-profit organisation that has licence holders in the US, Europe, Latin America and Korea.

In 2012, the Australia and New Zealand licence was secured through RMIT University’s Games Experimental Entertainment Lab (GEELab). RMIT oversees the delivery of the Festival with strategic and curatorial advice from the Games for Change ANZ Advisory Group.

Games for Change Australia and New Zealand, is an annual international event curated from the best in our region and around the world. The focus of the festival is to provide an experience to connect participants in the spirit of promoting, learning and collaborating. There will be an exciting cross section of participants, presenters and facilitators from a range of industries including games development, the arts, design, film makers, multimedia producers, professional business services, marketing, health, education, not for profit, government and the private sector.

The Festival will be a catalyst for informed content to support the growing interest in games, game thinking and gameplay that is emerging in our communities, business and government for the purpose of creating social change, development and conversation.


A community of innovative organisations

As the licence holder for Games for Change Australia-New Zealand, RMIT University’s GEELab is partnering with innovative organisations in education, government, NGOs and in the corporate sector to:

  • support the growing interest in digital games, game thinking and play that is emerging in our communities, business and government and,
  • showcase how games can be used to deliver positive social outcomes in our communities using the City of Melbourne as a platform or ‘playground’.