Elo Boosting Solution for the League of Legends Elo Hell Problem

League of Legends is a great game that gives players a lot of action-packed gameplay. Like other Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA titles, it requires strategy and teamwork from players in order to dominate their opposing teams. However, what separates League of Legends from other games belonging to the MOBA genre is its unique ranking system.


The League of Legends ranking system is designed to create balanced matches for League players by segregating the population onto different divisions. These divisions are ladder-like and the aim for gamers is to climb up these divisions until they reach the top. Through this system, League gamers who belong on the same division are ideally of similar skill levels. This should mean that newbies will not get overpowered by more experienced players in their matches. Subsequently, matches by experienced players will not be compromised by newbies. However, what this system fails to accommodate is the fact that a lot of gamers are assholes. This inevitably leads to the creation of the elo hell problem.

Elo hell is a term that describes the horrible experience of having to play countless bad games in the lower divisions of the League of legends ranking system. These bad games are a direct result of the inconsiderate behavior of trolls, afk-ers, and quitters. It can be said that the League of legends ranking system is powerless against these douchebags because its flaws are one of the main contributors to this problem.

The League of Legends ranking system necessitates that all new accounts that have low rank are pooled together on a common cyberspace. Thus, the system itself makes the lower divisions of League a horrible environment where it is populated by low-ranking accounts that do not have much value for their users. This results in a reckless population whom are unfazed by the threat of being reported or banned. The gamers who play here are therefore much more prone to perform bad behavior, much to the chagrin of everybody else. Needless to say, the gaming experience on the lower divisions of rank are terrible and this causes of a lot of frustration and headaches for gamers. The only proven way to avoid this elo hell is to raise one’s account up the higher divisions of League. However, the overwhelming amount of bad games in elo hell makes the task of grinding and raising one’s account up the division ladder seem almost impossible. There is however an easier way out of all of these by cheapest bOOst.

Elo boosting services allow gamers to hire professional boosters to play on their accounts and raise them up the division ladder. They won’t have to experience elo hell because a certified expert will do it for them. Gamers can then just sit back and relax until their boosts are finished. Should you take a league boost, you should get that rank faster than anyone. Buy elo boosting services now.